Rebecca Ramsey

1st Year, Sculpture


Rebecca Ramsey is an artist working primarily with ceramic materials and drawing. She graduated with a BFA from Emily Carr University in 2017 and has worked in various arts centres as a clay instructor and technician. She has exhibited in Canada, Denmark and the Netherlands and has been a resident artist at Guldagergaard (Skaelskor, Denmark) Medalta (Medicine Hat) and the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts (Burnaby).


Ceramic practice utilizes many of the same materials employed in energy production such as copper, lithium, iron, magnesium, quartz. These materials express themselves in completely different ways in the presence of heat, pressure and proximity. The transformative capacity of minerals can create material confusion where a bubbly, soft surface is prickly to the touch or a variegated copper glaze on an iron clay body looks like a rusty metal pipe. In these transformational states one thing becomes another and recognizable objects are infused with ambiguity.

Energy lost and Energy Gained (2019)
Ceramics with glaze, rusty bucket, cotton cloth, copper tubing, chain, steel