Michael Radford

1st Year, Photo


Michael Radford is a lens-based artist living and working between London and Montreal. In 2013 he received his BA in Photography and Video Art from the University of Bedfordshire School of Art and Design in Luton, England. In 2014 he won a scholarship for a year-long residency at FABRICA, Benetton's visual communications research center, in Treviso, Italy. He is a current MFA candidate in Photography at Concordia University. His work has been exhibited at galleries and biennales including; Departure Lounge Gallery, WW Gallery, Daniel Blau Gallery, Fabrica and The Ghetto Biennale.


Foundation of Power looks at the reproduction of narratives and how they shape, condition and form our view of power, through the lens of history. With images constantly being reproduced, feeding the machine, and central element to the force of power. The reproduction of images reinforces structures of power whilst authenticating the images own narrative. The work brings together photographs from the contemporary landscape and archival images that have been rephotographed to question and interrogate the ideological function of the image, and the imperial infrastructure it embeds within society.

Foundation of Power (2016 - 2020)
500x350mm, archival ink on newsprint