Lydia Haywood-Munn

2nd Year, Fibres


Lydia Haywood-Munn is a fibres artist whose studio research focuses on the relationship between objects and the body, particularly moments where the boundaries of bodies and objects transgress. Through the use of textile objects, she addresses repair as process rather than as a means of returning an object to the cycle of consumption. Her efforts are a generative gesture of possibility. In Haywood-Munn’s practice, repair is approached as a method of endurance work and care, considered through repetitive, labour intensive, and material-based processes. Originally from Spencerville, ON, Haywood-Munn holds a BFA (2011) from Mount Allison University in Sackville, NB and is currently a third-year MFA candidate in Fibres and Material Practices at Concordia University in Montreal, QC.


For the past two decades I have collected can tabs, often found after being discarded by strangers who unknowingly contribute to the work, resulting in a total of 2,310 tabs as of June 2019. 2,310 considers the notion of collapse: of a collection reduced to a single object, years of repeated actions accumulated. Suggestive of value, the aluminum ingot is deceptive in its size and weight, its polished surfaces reflective and alluring — a kind of fetish object. Engraved as a commemorative gesture, it becomes a monument to the passage of time, of a compulsion observed, of material collected.

2,310 (2019)
6" x 2" x 1" Aluminum pop tabs