Catherine Slilaty

3rd Year, Film Production


Catherine Slilaty is a multidisciplinary visual artist who works with animation, painting and drawing to explore transformation and in-between-ness in relation to identity, with a particular interest in using creatures and monsters to navigate these themes. With a playful approach inspired by her childhood fascination with creatures and organic life in general, she creates otherworldly, strange-yet-familiar creatures to explore the flux and contradictions of “being”. Her current research focuses on the limits of the self, corporeality and multiplicity explored through the use of animated loops and abstracted organic forms. Her work has been shown in Montreal, Ottawa, New York, and Buenos Ares. She holds a BFA in Film Animation and is currently pursuing her MFA at Concordia University.


Stemming from a desire to explore the most minute increments of transformation, in physical, psychological, and emotional terms, I was drawn to examine the tension between opposing energies present at the edge of these shifts: self-preservation and remaking. These impulses, which stem from the same desire to survive and persevere, come into conflict in many instances: from moments of calm self-reflection to urgent crises. MOLT embodies these conflicting energies: transformations which are both profoundly resisted and desperately desired, animated by a same core instinct of survival. This bulbous, veiny creature evokes visceral and strange forms: its body is compact, folded unto itself, yet also opening up, exposing what appears to be vulnerable raw tissues and strange organs. Different moments and energies cohabit the same body. This piece seeks to showcase the most intricate and slightest shifts which lead to transformation, highlighting the incremental nature of change, as well as the physicality and weight of these shifts. Drawn with graphite, this piece bears the qualities of a medium often perceived as one used for planning- something temporary and unfinished, a step of a larger process. This medium further highlights the value of process, and the in progress

MOLT (2020)
Graphite on Paper, 14 by 17 inches