Anna Eyler & Nicolas Lapointe

3rd Year, Sculpture


Working in sculpture and new media, Anna Eyler and Nicolas Lapointe maintain independent and collaborative artistic practices. The duo have participated in residencies with Espace Projet (Montréal, 2015), Verticale (Laval, 2018), and the Bòlit: Centre d'Art Contemporani (Catalonia, 2019). Recent group exhibitions include Le Large at Galérie AVE (Montréal, 2019), the Re-Envision Film Festival (UK, 2019), and SAW Video’s Resolution (Ottawa, 2020). Recent two-person exhibitions include beyond différance, and now at Ace Art Inc. (Winnipeg, 2016) and void loop () at the City Hall Art Gallery (Ottawa, 2018). Current exhibitions include the Place Publique festival at the Fonderie Darling (Montréal, 2020) and the Athens Digital Art Festival (Athens, 2020).


D.o.t.T.D (Dance of the Techno-demons) exists at the interstices of the natural, technological, and the sacral worlds. From early animistic to modern-day societies, mysticism and technology have been intimately interconnected, yet our ideas of the sacred have shifted alongside our tools. The Western sacred no longer lives in the rocks, trees, and rivers, but has moved to more amorphous terrains. Has the evacuation of these supernatural agencies from the natural world opened it up to technological exploitation and destruction? Or are we bearing witness to the rise of new forces, what sociologist Bronislaw Szerszynski calls techno-demons? When our technologies become ends in themselves, or when they set off unpredictable chains of consequences, they become seemingly autonomous forces, shaping our lives in untold ways. As technology assumes an ever-increasing presence in our lives, how can we form new relationships with our digital kin? In D.o.t.T.D, we are confronted with the creatureliness of technology, while simultaneously asked to question its limitations. D.o.t.T.D (Dance of the Techno-demons) speaks to humanity’s enduring pursuit of a higher power, questioning the ways that technology has been---and continues to be implicated in this pursuit.

D.o.t.T.D (Dance of the Techno-demons)

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D.o.t.T.D (Dance of the Techno-demons)
procedurally-generated video (duration + dimensions variable)