Amr Elkafrawy

2nd Year, Print Media


Amr El-Kafrawy was born in Cairo in 1980; he lives and works between Montreal and Cairo. He was graduated from the faculty of fine art in Cairo in 2003 where he studied painting, also he received a poster design diploma from warsaw university in 2007 and currently finishing his MFA in Printmaking at Concordia University. He achieved many prices from Egypt, also he granted many artist in residency programs in Poland, Spain, Morocco and Switzerland. El-Kafrawy is working with different mediums such as drawing, painting, illustration, graphic design and printing. In addition to Egypt, he has exhibited in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Morocco, Qatar, UAE and Cuba.


I am interested in the poetics of spaces and the aesthetics of cityscapes, Urbanism and formalization of new cities and their relationship to the collective memory. My practices involve printing, drawing, and water-coloring as well as experimenting with paper and largescale images. My work repeatedly involves sets of images that complement each other. Cairo -my hometown- was and still an interesting place for me. The new outskirts in Cairo are extremely inspiring to me. I use photography and digital printing, following which I paint over them with watercolors and ink to recreate realistic visual concepts.I find myself attracted to photograph buildings where little effort has been made to beautify them.

The Way to Escape Cairo (2020)
150 x 150 printing and Drawings on recycled paper